December is an interesting time for aspiring experts. Conference planners and hosts of association events are thinking about next year, but not everything is set in stone yet. Most are still at work, but there’s a moment to breathe. That represents an opportunity. 

This past week, I met with an international chamber of commerce and offered my services. Tomorrow, I'll send a couple of emails volunteering to appear on the agenda for speaker association meetings. Could you do the same?  

Which association meetings bring together the cream of the crop in your industry? Which bureaus or chambers of commerce are planning events pertinent to your world, and if you challenged yourself, what value could you add to their agendas?

Think of a topic that you could address and volunteer yourself. The more often you're seen presenting from the front of the room, the more you will generate business. Moreover, you will begin to be perceived as a thought leader. 


Douglas Kruger is a professional speaker and business author. See him live, or book him as the motivational speaker at your next conference, at