Have you ever ‘checked your emotional barometer,’ to determine whether you feel like going to gym? And after doing so, did you actually go? Or did you subsequently talk yourself out of it?

The more I study and write about high-performing and high-net worth individuals, the more I believe that our daily behaviours divide broadly into one of two types. We are either the kind of people who continually ‘check in’ with our emotions, or we are the kind of people who simply engage in wealth-generating behaviours, regardless of our feelings. 

As you can imagine, the latter is likely to work. The former is a recipe for endless procrastination. A successful gym regimen is often about switching off the biased, traitorous brain, and simply getting on with it. 

Political commentator Ben Shapiro is fond of saying: ‘Facts don’t care about your feelings.’ We might adapt this for our purposes to: ‘Results doesn’t care about your moods.’ 

This week, I challenge you to list your top 3 wealth-generating, or success-creating activities. Are you simply and relentlessly carrying them out on a daily basis? Or do moods and emotions regularly derail you? 

Consistently practice wealth-generating activities, regardless of your emotional barometer, and you could become the greatest in your industry. It just might get you to gym too. 


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