I’ve just seen the Avengers Infinity War movie. If you haven’t seen it, I won’t give away any spoilers. If you have, join me in a disbelieving ‘I know, right?!!!’

There is an early fight-scene in the movie in which all hell is breaking loose in New York. Peter Parker, as Spiderman, asks Tony Stark, Iron Man, what’s going on. Stark sums it up for him in under five seconds: ‘This guy’s from space. He wants to steal a necklace from a wizard.’ 


There’s something wonderful about the ability to communicate without clutter. And it applies to top level experts too. 

I was listening to the audio book of a top US consultant, who spoke about his meeting with the leadership of Mercedes Benz. ‘You’re failing at this,’ he told them, ‘And the result is that Lexus is eating your breakfast.’ That was how he overcame their hesitation and won their business. 

World-class experts aren’t necessarily the most verbose. Sometimes they’re the people who can say the common-sense thing that needs to be said, clearly, quickly and with minimum waffle. 

When last were you brutally straight with a client? Dead-honest with a prospect? Mercilessly direct in an article, or in a speech? When last did you put forward the unvarnished truth in plain, unsullied words?

Try it. It may seem incautious. Done right, it will be read as strong. And excessive caution rarely results in industry leadership. 

Speak straight, and you could own your industry. 


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