THIS WEEK: Let the Hollywood-style Gurus Spruce up your Image 

So much of what we do these days is done online. As an aspiring expert, did you know that you could have it professionally animated? And that it isn’t even all that expensive to do? 

Powerful visuals can raise the levels of perceptions around your image and offering. 

For instance, my new book launches in a weeks’ time, and I’ve just had a few videos created depicting the cover. There are multiple services offering this sort of thing online, but I happened to use, and I’ve done so for almost all of my book launches. 

Could your brand, logo, signature, book, product or YouTube channel trailer benefit from a professional-looking animation? If perceptions are everything, it’s worth spending a little to raise them. 

Make it look slick and sexy, and you will position yourself as a credible expert. 

Here’s mine:


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