Say, for instance, you make your bread and butter scaring people's pants off. You are that fine institution: a horror movie writer. And say you're challenged to write your next script. And then say you come up with the following premise: 

'A family moves into a new house. Unbeknownst to them, it has a violent past. Slowly, things start going wrong...’ 

In the name of aspiring experts everywhere, I would like you to slap yourself hard through the face. Then say: ‘I can be more original than that!’ three times. Then try again.

What’s the predictable, everybody-does-it stereotype in your industry?  

This week, could you challenge yourself to think more creatively than that? Could you do something more original, less predictable?

I bet you could. And I bet you could use that thought process to become the leader in your industry. 


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