How to disqualify yourself as a true original    

Yesterday, I saw something I shouldn’t have. It wasn’t a horrific crime, the memory of which will follow me for life. It was a stolen quote. 

I’ve been listening to an audio book by success coach Brendan Burchard. One of his ideas was so beautifully phrased that I remember pausing in my gym session and thinking, ‘That’s profound.’ 

The very next day, a local professional speaker posted the exact same quote, cribbed word for word, on his social media wall, with no attribution. Worse, it was then followed by some ten compliments from different people who pointed out how wise and insightful he was for saying it. And he hit ‘like’ on every comment. 

Not everyone will spot such an act of intellectual cribbing. But make no mistake, some will. And they will think less of you as a professional. 

To be seen as truly original - to be seen as genuinely professional - stick to your own stories, quotes and ideas. You have plenty of value to offer. Or, if you are going to quote someone else, do it honestly and give the attribution. If you can’t remember who said it, at least say something like, ‘I once heard a great quote...’ But don’t pawn it off as your own. 

You cannot be an original without being original. Stick to your own quotes, your own stories and your own ideas, and you could be seen as a genuine original. 

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