Experts exist at the intersection of three qualities. Take any one out of the mix and you no longer have an expert. 

The three necessary ingredients for expert-positioning are: 

  1. Knowledge
  2. Personality
  3. Publicity. 

Most people assume that knowledge alone is sufficient, but it’s untrue. You can be the most highly educated practitioner in your field and still be ignored or underpaid. Take Personality and Publicity out of the mix, and you are not seen as an icon. You are merely a specialist, and the remuneration is not on the same level. 

The leading industry names are always personalities seen regularly in the media and at public events. We know their faces and voices, their thoughts and opinions.

Here is the formula to remember: If you have all the Knowledge but none of the Personality, you are a specialist. If you have all the Personality but none of the Knowledge, you are a Kardashian.

May you own your industry