Following a holiday in South Africa, and for one week only, here is your TUESDAY morning motivator. (This departure from normal proceedings brought to you by Heritage Day). 

As we ease out of a long weekend, there is about a week left in this month. After that, there are no more than three months left in this year. Quite a thought, isn't it?

With a hundred days remaining, let's become introspective: Which of your expert-positioning goals have you genuinely achieved this year? Do you have a landmark or two under your belt? If not, you still have time, but you must force that time into submission and into your service. 

To achieve any goal - particularly the extraordinary ones implied in becoming a top expert - you will need to 'disrupt the momentum of the ordinary.' Going with the flow does not result in remarkable accomplishment. 

So this week, rather than focusing on your goals, let's focus on your obstacles. What's getting in the way? What's stopping you from doing the things that you need to do in order to become the greatest in your game? 

Often, simply stating a problem in sentence form helps you in a number of ways: It defines the parameters, it simplifies the emotional turmoil down to a neatly contained phrase, and it forces you to face something that you may have been putting off. 

I suggest limiting your possibilities to three. What are the three biggest everyday obstacles standing between you and the things you know you need to do? What three things keep you stuck riding a wave of relatively meaningless momentum and not acting directly upon your goals?

This week, identify them. Specify how they work and how they keep you caught up. Quantify them. Thereafter, you have three months left to disrupt their effect on your life and to mitigate against them. Negate the forces pushing you in a direction not of your choosing, and you could become the greatest in your game. 


Douglas Kruger is a professional keynote speaker at conferences around the world. He specialises in disruptive innovation and expert-positioning, helping brands to become more memorable than their competitors’. See him in action, or sign up for his motivational newsletter, at Book him to present for your leadership team: email