Game of Thrones continues to vacuum up accolades. But its success is not just the product of the big things they do - expending a larger budget than any other TV show on earth and CGI that beggars belief. The small things also contribute to their formidable, and growing, following…

…such as the ‘behind-the-scenes’ fun that they share online. 

Via their social media channels and fan-site outlets, GOT’s producers continually share a staggering amount of trivia, photos, humorous memes, conspiracy theories, jokes, stories, casual insights and more. The point? Fun. Simple enjoyment for their tribes. And that’s it. 

Greater levels of fan-involvement can be beneficial for your brand, and it doesn’t always need to be done at the highest levels of professionalism. Sometimes the behind-the-scenes peaks feel special to followers. 

I do recommend presenting a high-level impression of your work to the world. But this needn’t be at the expense of behind-the-scenes charm. 

What could you do your for your tribes that doesn’t necessarily add value, but fulfils the criteria of fun? 

Create connection, and you could become the greatest in your game. 


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