The intellectual way of stating it is to say, ‘Operating at the pinnacle of Maslow’s hierarchy.’ But that’s not really what it feels like, is it? 

When you’re in the zone, everything flows. It’s like that car ad, where the lines on the road move faster and faster. Everything blurs, but simultaneously, becomes infinitely more focused. Time fades into irrelevance and your mind comes alive. Neurons ignite and the sense of focus sharpens your gaze. You quietly and reverently admit to yourself that you were born for this. 

Has it been a while since you’ve felt that way? All the motivational tricks in the world are no match for a genuine love of what you do. And all the financial rewards in the world will not draw as much out of you either. Love it to the core of your being, and it’s easy to become the greatest in your game. 

The good news is that, as with all relationships, you can re-ignite the flame.

Start with the best memories.

Which working moments have left you exhausted but satisfied? Dusty, beaten and ruffled, but filled to the brim on the inside? Which days stand out as important chapters in your total life story? When last did you feel completely, utterly, unrepentantly alive? 

This is your game, your life, your field, your story, your industry. Make it count. Take a moment this morning to reignite your first love. Dig deep and catch the flame. Take it forward into the week. Own your industry.