We’re well into August. If you’re keeping track, that means we’ve spent more than 8 out of the 12 units available to us. 

This morning, take a moment to perform a simple audit. The goal is to elicit one of two reactions from you: either a glowy sense of well-earned celebration, or a jolt to the system, depending on the outcome. Here’s the audit: 

‘How many things have you done since January that moved your career forward?’ 

Just that. 

It’s been 8 months. Do you have a couple of substantial developments under your belt? A new skill learned, a project completed, a goal accomplished? Something big in the pipeline that’s been moving along nicely? 

If your reaction to the test is the latter option: shock and horror; take a moment to ask what might still make this year incredibly meaningful for your career-trajectory. What could you still master or complete in three-and-a-bit months? What undertaking, that you could see through between now and New Year’s, would genuinely help you to take one more step toward becoming the greatest in your game? 


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