In your first threeor four years learning a new skill, you probably found that your development was dramatic. After that, chances are it tapered off. Is there something you can do about it? 

Human talent is a fascinating field of study. I've previously shared an overview of the 'formula' for growing your talent, according to the latest research on how we are wired (which, incidentally, is: Talent = Yearning + Input + Deliberate Practice, sustained over Time). 

But what do you do when you reach a talent plateau? Have you reached the limits of your genetic potential? 

The research says no.

Instead, what has happened is that the act has become automatic and unthinking for you. To overcome this temporary pause in your growth, you need to force yourself out of your current zone and cause an unthinking act to become a thoughtful one again. Do that, and you can reignite your development, setting yourself en route to become the greatest in your game... I explain to this audience

(two minute video clip):  


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