'Real success is never painless or quick.' This was the sentiment in a recent article by Jacques de Villiers, a past president of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa and a longstanding contributor to the speaking industry in SA. 

In his editorial, he railed against the idea of the quick-fix, the short-cut, the promise of easy prosperity. He argued that it's a myth peddled by hucksters. 

I completely agree. I've long argued that real experts out-work and out-care their competition. Whenever I present on how to 'own your industry,' my opening remarks are always: 'Today I am inviting you to work much harder than most people in your industry ever will.' 

But perhaps that doesn't put you off. Perhaps it even excites some deep part of you that values honest answers and loves a formidable challenge. If so, here is one practical way to turn this philosophy into action. This week, ask the question: What could I do or learn that no one else in your industry could be bothered to pursue? ...not because it's of low value... ...but because it's difficult? 

This week, identify one thing that most dabblers in your industry will never bother with, and start formulating your plan to be the one who does it. Volunteer yourself for more than most - out-care and out-perform - and you can find distinction in your industry. 


Douglas Kruger is a professional keynote speaker at conferences around the world. He specialises in disruptive innovation and expert-positioning, helping brands to become more memorable than their competitors’. See him in action, or sign up for his motivational newsletter, at www.douglaskruger.co.za. Book him to present for your leadership team: email info@douglaskrugerspeaker.com