Today, after 15 years in the industry, and while making an updated demo showreel, I Googled some other professional speakers' videos. To my blank astonishment, I found hundreds of videos on how to build one's speaking business, videos that I've never bothered to watch. 

Now, I've created such videos myself. But for some unknowable reason, I've never searched for one. Not out of arrogance, or some odd stubborn obstinance. But because it's never occurred to me to do so. So I binge-watched five or six of the longer ones consecutively and jotted down a few incredibly clever tips which I will shortly be implementing. 

I'm frankly flawed as to why I've never done this before, particularly as someone who thinks obsessively about the topics of expert-positioning and personal growth. 

So that said, let me ask you: how long have you been in your industry? And have you gone online to search for tips on how to get ahead in that industry yet? Ever? I managed to miss that simple step for well over a decade. 

This week, jump onto Google and YouTube, and do some simple searches. Use phrase like 'How to build a successful (insert craft here) career,' and 'how to become a professional...' 

When the leg-work has been done by those before you, it would be the height of folly not to learn the already established steps for becoming the greatest in your game. 


Douglas Kruger is a professional keynote speaker at conferences around the world. He specialises in disruptive innovation and expert-positioning, helping brands to become more memorable than their competitors’. See him in action, or sign up for his motivational newsletter, at Book him to present for your leadership team: email