A lady owns a jewellery store in a coastal town, and she's struggling to sell a particular range of jade jewellery. So begins the true story in Robert Cialdini's book 'Influence.' Before going on leave, the owner instructs her salesperson to halve the prices. The salesperson misreads her note and doubles the price instead. The entire range sells out before the owner returns. 

Behavioural economics are fascinating. In this particular case, the items sold more effectively because they were more expensive. Welcome to human behaviour. 

As an aspiring industry expert, almost everything you do has its basis in psychology. So are you a student? 

If not, I'd recommend starting with this excellent book. Consider doing what I do and download the audio version from Audible.com, then listen to it on the fly. 

Experts are always improving their understanding of the market, and of human behaviour. Master the nuances, and you can become the greatest in your game. 


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