Your earning potential depends upon your positioning. Your positioning depends upon your branding. Your branding is a game of perceptions, and perceptions are developed and managed over time. To own your industry, your points of representation must say the right things.

How many points of representation do you have, carrying your name to the world? How many flags announce your brand? For most people there are four: Your website, your CV, your brochure and your social sites. 

Do they still reflect the premium tone of a top-level performer? Our gut-reaction is to assume that they do, but we tend to have a blind-spot in this area. 

This week, why not open your marketing materials to feedback from experts whom you trust? Whenever I have tried this exercise, I have been consistently astonished at the range and complexity of outdated or underwhelming points of representation. A biography that I considered quite strong was actually begging for an upgrade, but I was too close to see it.

True premium players are strong enough to assume that there are blind-spots beyond their awareness. They are hungry enough to seek out feedback and change these blind-spots. Their desire to own their industry is stronger than their pride and they love opportunities to grow.

May your love of growth help you to own your industry!