The entire world is talking about Donald Trump. So what do you say we don't?

Instead, let's talk about the idea of brands in general, and in particular, how to look like the high-end ones.

In my industry - as in many others - professionals have a bio that can be sent to prospective clients and used in representation by agencies and bureaus. In my world, it's called a one-sheet. 

As part of my continual commitment to keeping my own brand at the highest possible level, I've just had mine updated. My brief to the designer went like this: 'Attached are twenty examples of magazine advertisements by Rolex, Gucci, Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin, Boss and more. Make me look like them.' 

Ad agencies and brand specialists have spent decades studying what works, from colour-schemes to fonts to the use of wide open spaces. We can leverage these learnings by studying our favourite brands and asking critical questions about what they do design-wise. 

Which top brands appeal to you? What exactly are they doing that makes them look appealing? Are you studying and actively learning from them? Speak the language of high-end branding, and you will begin to position yourself at the pinnacle of the brand-hierarchy. 


Douglas Kruger is a professional keynote speaker at conferences around the world. He specialises in disruptive innovation and expert-positioning, helping brands to become more memorable than their competitors’. See him in action, or sign up for his motivational newsletter, at Book him to present for your leadership team: email