This year, I will share with you as many ideas as I can gather, grab or garner regarding a single goal: How you can become the biggest name in your field.  

So why? Why is it important to ‘own’ your industry as the leading name? Are we merely serving our egos, or is there a business imperative to it? 

Here are the reasons I urge businesses, brands and entrepreneurs to use a specific mix of expert-positioning strategies to make their names synonymous with their industries: 

You will be recommended. When there is a need for what you do, people will tend to recommend the ubiquitous name first, saying: ‘You know who you should talk to about that…?’ The result will be that the business will come to you, increasing your income, and decreasing your need for marketing spend;

Third-parties will favour you. In industries in which bureaus or agencies can recommend an array of competitors, it is in their interests to recommend the best of the best. They can trust a leading name to make them look good, and their potential commissions will be higher; 

The forums will come to you. When you are the big name, the media and the industry conferences will invite you onto their forums to provide insight as a thought-leader. This will perpetuate your status as the big name. In this way you achieve a growth-upon-growth dynamic; 

Deals will become easier. When an unknown entity wants to launch a show, publish a book or do anything that requires dealmaking, they will face an uphill battle against their own anonymity. When you’re famous, the offers will come to you.  

Your returns will increase. Top names enjoy trust, which raises their income equity. When you are the ‘Mercedes Benz’ of your industry, clients will expect you to charge more, and they will willingly pay for the perceived quality and expertise that your name represents; 

You will enjoy greater freedom. Charging premium fees (for the premium quality you render) will allow you greater freedom. In the course of one or two big deals, you can earn what industry amateurs earn in twenty deals or more, thus working less time for greater income; 

You will become a logical affiliation-partner. When big spenders are looking to partner with someone who has a strong industry association, they will automatically go to the big industry name. If they are spending in any form (setting up deals, creating roadshows, looking for celebrity endorsements, etc.), your celebrity becomes a form of credibility for them. They can trade upon it, and you will benefit; 

The rules will apply less to you. Petty gatekeepers can hinder the goals of a little-known player. But powerful people will tend to move the rules aside when they need you. You no longer need to ‘apply.’ Instead, they will find ways to ensure that they can utilise you; 

It will be deeply rewarding. It is thrilling and personally fulfilling to be a voice guiding where your industry is headed, rather than a small cog within the system, and you will enjoy the personal benefits of acting as a guide to your industry tribe. 

Are you sold? Then over the course of this year, I will share simple but powerful insights on how to ‘own’ your industry. Here’s to your success in your industry of choice. 


Douglas Kruger is a professional speaker and business author. He speaks globally on disruptive innovation and expert positioning. See him in action, or read his motivational articles, at