Sure, plenty of things may niggle, but we’re not talking about small frustrations.Forget petty annoyances like slow wifi, lack of filing space or tedious admin. What’s your big one? What is the Goliath of barriers currently holding you back? 

Rather than do what 90 per cent of people do, which is to deny the big problem, tinker with the little ones like slow wifi, and hope that Goliath will go away of his own accord, how about confronting him head on? How about doing it this week? 

You only need to do it once and then it’s done. Find out what it would take to slay him and your trajectory will be forever altered. 

Consider: There is absolutely no career problem you can possibly face that has not been faced before. Faced and solved. Solved and written about.

The answer to your single biggest barrier is out there and it can be found if you will look for it. 

How about setting the admin and the slow wifi and all of the other petty annoyances aside, just for this week? Commit yourself to one task: Define your great Goliath.

Define precisely what he is and how he is holding you back. Seek out the solution and slay him. Then see what your life is like on the other side.

After your Goliath is gone, after the river begins to flow in full force, you’ll be amazed how easily the smaller problems can be solved.

Change your life. Solve the big one this week. Own Your Industry.