In my mid-twenties, I presented a series of TV commercials for Ford. They wanted me to wear a suit on camera, which was nothing unusual for me, and they had it precisely tailored to my shape, which was. I had worn plenty of suits by that stage, but I'd never bothered to have them fitted. The ones that I bought off the hangar fit me 'more or less.' 

Then I tried on the one that the Ford crew had altered...and, while gazing into the mirror, said something deeply intelligent along the lines of: 'Oh...!' 

The difference is not subtle. It is leagues, Olympic swimming pools, even universes apart. 

This week, to raise the level at which you are perceived, pick two of your best outfits; the ones you use when meeting clients, pitching for deals, or speaking on a stage. Perhaps choose a full suit for the first, and then a jacket for the second. Take them to a professional tailor and have the alterations done, and (and I don't believe this word is overly melodramatic) 'behold' the difference it makes. 

As a leading expert, you need to look expensive. Few things accomplish that goal as swiftly or completely as properly tailored clothes. Look the part, and you will be well positioned to own your industry. 


Douglas Kruger is a professional speaker and business author, who presents at conferences worldwide. His topics include innovation and expert positioning, and his books are published by Penguin. See him in action, or sign up for his motivational newsletter, at