One of the best speakers I've ever seen live was an American named Randy Gauge. While advising a group of professional speakers on how to become world-class, he made an interesting point: 'Find a guiding identity.' His own, he explained, was the 'casual-cool' tone from the TV series Miami Vice. It informs the way he presents, and the way he presents himself to the world. 

Nigella Lawson expresses a similar sentiment in an interview (available here): She makes the point that she 'always wanted to be Italian.' When you watch her TV presentations, this fact becomes very clear. The 'elegant Italian' ideal quite obviously guides her look, mannerisms and tone. 

I've always asserted that top names in any industry are more than just content-matter experts. They tend to be personality-driven representations of an ideal.  

If it interests you, here's a video that I feel comes close to the sort of tone and feel that I aspire to myself, expressed in this advertisement for a Mercedes S-Class Coupe: . 

What's yours? 

If you don't currently have one, don't panic. You needn't rush out and begin shopping for 'something to be like.' And you certainly don't need to change yourself into a clone of someone else. 

But it's worth putting a little thought into this question. Does 'Italian goddess' hit the mark for you? Or is Miami Vice a closer fit? What tone and feel appeals to your sense of identity? Represent yourself in the strongest possible way and you become memorable. Memorable identities stand out. The best and strongest become industry icons. 


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