Let's conduct a thought-experiment: Imagine your ideal client. The one who pays upfront, ahead of schedule and never quibbles about a dime. The one who wants your highest-level offering and challenges you to do your best work. The one who comes back for more, over and over, then recommends you to other high-level buyers. 

It may seem obvious, but why don't we design everything we do around such a client?

Working backwards, what it would it take for your to appeal to this demographic of buyer? When starting out, most of us design our websites, marketing collateral, pricing and offerings around a fairly entry level buyer. In short, we try to appear 'reasonable.' Even 'cheap.' 

What if you didn't? What if you designed everything to appeal to the high-level buyer instead, and started hunting the industry whales from the word go? 

What is the gap between your current marketing and the sort of messages that might appeal to such a buyer? This week, carry out an honest appraisal of who you are currently designed to appeal to. Lift the level to target your ultimate client. Portray the right positioning, and you are on your way to owning your industry. 


Douglas Kruger is an international keynote speaker at conferences. His books are published by Penguin, and include the revered 'Own Your Industry,' and 'They're Your Rules, Break Them!' His motivational articles and videos are available at www.douglaskruger.co.za