This week I shared a stage with advertising legend Reg Lascaris. Reg’s firm, Hunt Lascaris, is responsible for award-winning TV ads like the mouse walking on the BMW steering wheel and the Nando’s ‘barking chicken.’

As part of a panel of authors at the Kingsmead Book Fair, Reg told the story of how Hunt Lascaris began.

“We spent an evening brainstorming how we were going to be the greatest advertising agency ever to come out of Africa,” he said. “Of course there was a lot of beer involved! The next morning we woke up terrified about the scope of our goal. But then we started to ask, ‘Well, why shouldn’t we be the greatest name in our industry? And so, that became our starting point and our thinking developed around that goal. That was our objective from Day One.”

Owning your industry may be a process of a decade or more. But it is not until you have actually made the call to become the greatest that your process begins. Articulate your desire and your journey is underway. Make the commitment and you will find the means.

Start right. Commit to the highest goal. Here’s to you becoming the greatest in your game!