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My debut novel, The Man Who Never Was, has launched! It's now available in paperback in certain regions, and ebook and audio book everywhere else. What's it about? Well, take the story of Scrooge, and reverse it...

My first novel is about to be published! Would you like to sample the audio-book version? Here are the first 45 minutes of 'The Man Who Never Was,' by Douglas Kruger, due for release from Penguin in January 2022. To pre-order the audio book on, use this link: To pre-order the Kindle ebook, use this link:

It's one of the curses of intelligence: you aim your brain-power in the wrong direction and use it against yourself. What to do? Try this simple motivational solution to get yourself going.

We dabble. We tinker. Then, one day, we get serious. That's when you find yourself going on a quest alone. It's also how you know that you're developing the beginnings of real talent. Motivation for you to go from amateur to expert.

Douglas Kruger has moved to the other side of the world...

Norman Cousins said that 'History is a vast early warning system.' What are the signs that you may need to leave a nation or state? Douglas Kruger, author of several books on wealth. and poverty, provides some of the roadsigns. Meet Douglas at Find his books in paperback or ebook formats here: Or try one of his audio books here:

Your brain just may be hungry for silence. Are you intentionally practicing the art of 'low-level boredom'? It doesn't happen just by accident. Douglas Kruger is the bestselling author of several books, including 'Own Your Industry,' and 'What Makes Them Great?' Meet him at Find Douglas's books at this link: