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Douglas Kruger is interviewed by Kyle Keegan of KBRS Radio in Texas, speaking about social justice, wealth, and why it matters to have an internal locus of control. Douglas is the author of the global new book, 'Political Correctness Does More Harm Than Good,' available at this link:

How can you ensure your message gets through? Here are 6 ways to be more persuasive, by 5 x national Public Speaking Champion Douglas Kruger. Douglas Kruger is the author of several bestselling books, and a Hall of Fame speaker. Visit

A live interview with Douglas Kruger, author of 'Poverty Proof,' and 'Political Correctness Does More Harm Than Good.' What are the two pillars necessary for economic prosperity? And how do strong central governments, advised by Marxist economists, undermine that potential? Douglas Kruger looks at how French economic advisors compromise the development of African nations. Visit, or for more.

Douglas Kruger is the author of 11 commercially published books, with four publishers, on three continents. He also reads his own books for the various audio book platforms. In this zoom-seminar for aspiring writers, he discusses all things to do with the industry, providing shortcuts, and point out common errors to avoid. Douglas also publishes YouTube videos on 'how to position yourself as an expert,' including additional content about writing. Meet him at, or

Positioning yourself as an expert requires excellent content. But your content also has to get noticed. Whether you are a writer, speaker or presenter, these simple insights will increase your effectiveness. Douglas Kruger is the author of several bestselling business books, including, 'Own Your Industry - How to Position Yourself as an Expert.' Visit

If you plan to write a book, create a YouTube video, or send out an article, make use of these 6 simple tweaks in order to ensure a more effective message, from the author of 'Own Your Industry.' Douglas Kruger is a Hall of Fame speaker and the author of eleven books, including bestsellers like 'Poverty Proof.' Visit to learn more.

Whether your goal is to write a book, deliver a speech, or create a YouTube video, you will be much more effective if you deliver the 'promise' upfront. Douglas Kruger is a 5x winner of his nation's championships for Public Speaking, a Hall of Fame speaker, and the author of 10 business books. On this channel he provides tips and insights on work, wealth, and how to position yourself as an expert. Visit

Speaker and author Douglas Kruger has been a member of Toastmasters for over twenty years. In a radio interview, he explains how much good it did for his confidence, career, and life in general. Meet Douglas Kruger at

It's a relatively new phenomenon, that can negatively impact businesses and careers. It's called 'cancel culture.' Where did it come from? Douglas Kruger, author of Poverty Proof, and Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor? shares the background to this ideology, tracing it back to the Frankfurt School. This research, and more like it, will appear in Douglas's upcoming new international book 'Political Correctness Does More Harm Than Good,' due for release in October 2020. Visit Douglas's sites at, or

Big projects tend to move you forward in quantum leaps. Yet therein lies a problem. We often perceive them as so vast, so weighty, that we never dig in and begin. Here is a better approach. Douglas Kruger is a motivational speaker and author of several bestselling business books. Visit for more.

Books represent two interesting opportunities for you: You create it once and sell it many times over, which can make it a wealth-generating mechanism. Also, it positions you as an expert on a topic. Douglas Kruger has had 12 books accepted for commercial publication, by 4 publishers, on 3 continents. Here are 3 chapters out of his audio-seminar, 'The Complete Tiny Little Guide to Becoming an Author.' Douglas is also a Hall of Fame speaker. Meet him at

Wealth originates in proposals, and rarely in the processing of daily work. What was the last big thing you proposed? Could you send out a new proposal by this Friday, designed to change your trajectory? Douglas Kruger is a Hall of Fame speaker and the author of several bestselling books, including the new release, 'Poverty Proof for Entrepreneurs.' Meet him at

Is it time to move up to the next level in your career, your business, your wealth-building? Here are 3 ways to approach it. Douglas Kruger is a bestselling author and Hall of Fame speaker. His newest book, Poverty Proof for Entrepreneurs, has just gone live on, read by the author. Visit for more.

Which behaviours make the difference? Which mindsets contribute to wealth or poverty? Douglas Kruger, bestselling author of 'Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor?' and 'Poverty Proof' explores the world-views that help some people to become self-made millionaires, even as others remain trapped in inter-generational cycles of poverty. Douglas Kruger is a Hall of Fame speaker. Meet him at Download his new audio book, 'Poverty Proof for Entrepreneurs,' via

After WWII, the world went a little wonky. People sought out escapism. We may be facing a similar dynamic today, which poses some interesting questions for entrepreneurs and wealth-builders. Douglas Kruger is a Hall of Fame speaker, and the author of several bestselling books. His latest audio-book, 'Poverty Proof for Entrepreneurs,' has just launched on Visit to learn more about him.

How important is location to your career and wealth-building prospects? Douglas Kruger, Hall of Fame speaker and author of the new book 'Poverty Proof for Entrepreneurs,' explores this concept. Meet him at

You can be creative and wealthy. It is possible to turn your talent into a full-time career, and to prosper at the same time. Douglas Kruger, author of Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor?, and Poverty Proof, dissects the necessary principles for successful creatives. Meet Douglas at

You can follow your passion and be rich. You simply have to approach it like a professional, and grow it like a business. Rule two for wealthy artists concerns sufficient production. Douglas Kruger is the author of several books on expert-positioning and personal wealth, including 'Own Your Industry,' and 'Poverty Proof.' Meet him at

It is possible to be creative, to make your art for a living, and to grow rich. However, you have to treat it like a professional business, and learn the principles every entrepreneur must learn for success. Douglas Kruger, author of Poverty Proof, and Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor?, takes on the topic of how to become rich while pursuing your passion. Douglas is a Hall of Fame professional speaker and the creator of the Poverty Proof series of videos. Meet him at

You've been dabbling. Now it's time to get serious. How do self-made millionaires scale up their wealth? Douglas Kruger is a 'Hall of Fame' speaker, and the bestselling author of several business books with Penguin, including 'Own Your Industry,' 'Poverty Proof,' and 'Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor?' Meet him at