Do you need motivation to rise to the top of your game? Could you be the next leading expert in your field? Each day, professional speaker and author Douglas Kruger sends out a free motivational video on how you can go ‘from amateur to expert,’ based on his bestselling books, ‘Own Your Industry,’ and ‘What Makes Them Great?’.


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High-ambition comes at a cost: you must also learn to tolerate high levels of failure and setback, all as part of the process. Douglas Kruger, author of 'Own Your Industry - How to Position Yourself as an Expert,' shares a useful insight on how to react when the wheels come off your plans. Choose anger, not despair. Douglas is the host of the daily video 'From Amateur to Expert.' His books, published by Penguin Random House SA, are also available as audio books from Meet Douglas at

Environment makes a big impact on your productivity. Do you understand how to use 'visual cues' to drive behaviour? Try this technique. Douglas Kruger is a business author and 'Hall of Fame' speaker. Visit

The way you dress communicates a message to the world. And more, it impacts on your own behaviour. In the first of a three-part instalment, Douglas is joined by a guest: leading stylist Janine Carley-James. Meet Douglas at, and Janine at

Hesitation, procrastination, self-justification. Here's a prompt to get past these roadblocks. Douglas Kruger is a bestselling business author and 'Hall of Fame' professional speaker. Visit

Have you hit a talent plateau? Do you want to go further within your industry, but you're unsure of how you might attain the next level? Here is one creative and lateral answer that could provide you with increased situational awareness and insights you hadn't considered before. Douglas Kruger is the author of several business books with Penguin, including two that focus on expert-positioning: 'Own Your Industry,' and 'What Makes Them Great?' Each weekday, he publishes a new video in the series 'From Amateur to Expert,' providing you with tips and insights on work, wealth and how to become the leading name in your field. Visit

Could you earn money from YouTube? What does it take to monetise your channel and generate revenue? Author and speaker Douglas Kruger provides three practical tips to get started, based on one of his videos that gained 2-million views. To watch that video, use this link: Meet Douglas at

Teaching others is an effective way to position yourself as a thought-leader. The longer you keep it up, the stronger your branding becomes. But putting out content over the long term is challenging. How can you continually generate new ideas, new insights, new topic matter? Here's a useful insight from Douglas Kruger, speaker and author of 'Own Your Industry - How to Position Yourself as an Expert.' Meet Douglas at

One of the most effective wealth smart-cuts available to experts is the dynamic of 'making it once, and selling it multiple times.' Douglas Kruger, author and speaker, challenges you to 'lower' the barrier to entry in terms of how you think about this one. Douglas is the author of 'Own Your Industry,' and 'What Makes Them Great?', both of which focus on how to become a leading name in your industry. His YouTube channel features daily insights on how experts think differently, and how to become a leading expert in your field. Visit

Zooming back from your scenario can help to provide clarity. Try this thought-exercise to spur opportunities for growth. Douglas Kruger is a bestselling business author and 'Hall of Fame' professional speaker. His books, published by Penguin, include noted titles like Own Your Industry, and They're Your Rules, Break Them. Visit

Imagine remaining the leading name in your industry for over half a century. Here is one icon who did just that, despite changes in technology and approach. Douglas Kruger speaks on expert positioning and how your business and brand can become the industry leader. Visit

Every day you make choices about your clothes and styling. And every day those choices 'teach' others how to treat you. In a series of upcoming videos, Douglas Kruger and professional stylist Janine Carley-James share insights into how you can style yourself for success. Meet Douglas at, and Janine at

In this keynote presentation, bestselling wealth author Douglas Kruger debunks some of the most damaging mythology around wealth, and helps you to orient yourself in the world of money. Why can't you solve poverty by giving poor people more money? How do you know whether you are getting richer or poorer? What can you practically do, and what traps should you avoid, as you grow your wealth? How can we ensure greater prosperity for the next generation? It's all about training your brain for wealth. Douglas speaks and writes on issues pertaining to wealth, poverty and human behaviour. Meet him at, or book him as the keynote professional speaker for your next event.

Imagine if you ramped up your career and took your expert-positioning to the next level. Douglas Kruger has partnered with FutureSelfAcademy to create an online version of his bestselling book 'Own Your Industry - How to Position Yourself as an Expert.' Study the chapters in your own time and take the quizzes in order to truly embed each idea. You could change your entire trajectory. Meet Douglas at Sign up to do the online course via

Buying property is an investment...right? Douglas Kruger, author of Poverty Proof and Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor? provides a framework by which to weigh up your thinking before you buy property. Douglas is a professional speaker and business author. Meet him at

From amateur to expert - every aspiring industry leader must learn the ropes and pass through a progression of stages. Where do you rank right now? Douglas Kruger is the bestselling author of several business books, including two on the topic of expert-positioning, and what top industry icons do differently. Here he addresses a leadership team at their global convention in Namibia. Meet Douglas at Book him as the keynote speaker for your next conference.

The more you get your message out, the stronger your marketing becomes. The more you teach your ideas, the more you become the logical go-to source in your field. So how can you increase your content if you're struggling to find ideas? Douglas Kruger, author of 'Own Your Industry,' and 'What Makes Them Great?' shares a simple insight on how to double your thought-leadership content, and position yourself as an expert. Douglas Kruger is a bestselling business author, and a 'Hall of Fame' professional speaker. His books are available globally from, and he publishes a new video on how to become an expert each day. Visit Douglas at

You've made the decision to write a 'how-to' book. How do you begin? Here's one way, by the author of eight business books published by Penguin. Douglas addresses a Toastmasters club dedicated to authors and aspiring authors. Douglas Kruger is the author of 'Poverty Proof,' 'Own your Industry' and a number of other acclaimed books. Meet him at

Take this personal sacrifice challenge and discover something interesting: Depriving yourself of a small thing can actually be gratifying. When the behaviour is goal-oriented, sacrifice will make you feel masterful. Douglas Kruger is a professional speaker and Penguin business author. His bestselling books on 'wealth versus poverty' include 'Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor?', 'Poverty Proof,' and the upcoming 'Poverty Proof for Entrepreneurs.' Meet Douglas Kruger, Hall of Fame speaker, at

A simple mistake, that takes your entire story in the wrong direction. Could you avoid creating a poverty-generating machine in your life? It's a simple, but important decision. Douglas Kruger is an international speaker, and the author of several books on business and wealth, including 'Poverty Proof,' and 'Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor? 50 Ways the Rich Think Differently.' Visit Download his books on Amazon or Audible.

During a radio interview, Douglas Kruger, speaker and author of 'Poverty Proof,' is asked what he would change to make his nation wealthier. He speaks briefly about dynamics of wealth creation in India and South Africa, and how over-legislation gets in the way. Douglas is a bestselling business author with Penguin and a Hall of Fame professional speaker. Meet him at