Are you bored but brilliant? Try this:
 What happens when you’re talented at what you do, but bored with the whole thing? Stephen King, who has written 56 novels to date (and 86 books in total), is inarguably one of the most prolific practitioners of his craft. He proposes this solution: Try the same thing in a different medium.  King credits writing illustrated comic books, and getting involved in script adaptations for the movie-versions of his books, with helping to keep the creative fires burning. The change in channel made a difference. And he didn’t have to depart from his core competence, writing horror and thriller stories, in order to do it.  If you write books, how about trying your hand at a creative essay? If you write essays, how about a book? If you record songs in a studio, how about a live performance? And if your particular talent could possibly lend itself to travel, how about a roadshow? Becoming an expert is about longevity, which means you must find ways to sustain your own interest in what you do. Why now award yourself a new ‘toy’ to play with, in order to keep it fresh? Reignite your own creative vitality through a little lateral tinkering, and you could own your industry.  Douglas Kruger is a multiple award-winning speaker, focusing on innovation and expert positioning. Books like his, ‘They’re Your Rules, Break Them!’ are bestsellers informing his conferences speeches for leadership audiences. Book him as the motivational speaker for your next event at

Low budget horror movies are hit or miss. Yet you don’t actually need Avatar-levels of affluence to make a successful scary movie. The same applies to positioning yourself as an industry expert.

Writing a book helps to position you as an industry expert. It increases your credibility, it clarifies your own thinking on the topic, and it leads naturally to media and marketing opportunities.

In your industry, what could you offer or emphasise as your point-of-distinction that might create this clever dynamic? Why would it be a risk to go with anyone other than you?