How often do you start your working day in a rush, then feel rushed clear through to the end, as though you've never really had time to think? Make this simple change

What is your highest ambition for your career? Do you in any way hesitate because you feel you are ‘not ready'? It’s not the right way to think.

In an article published in Psychology Today: ‘How to Become an Expert,’ Dr Carl Beuke asks what we can learn from world-class performers. Dr Beuke reaches the conclusion that individuals identified as ‘ordinary,’ rather than talented, can become exceptional performers, provided they receive the right training, and provided they are willing to focus heavily on extensive practice.

Have you ever ‘checked your emotional barometer,’ to determine whether you feel like going to gym? And after doing so, did you actually go? Or did you subsequently talk yourself out of it?

Today I wandered out of a bookstore covetously clutching a new title. It isn’t anything as sexy as the latest Dean Koontz or Malcolm Gladwell. It’s a small book by the Economist. But it’s a good one. It’s the 2019 ‘Pocket World in Figures,’ the rear-cover of which asks the reader, ‘Did you know? Russia has the world’s highest divorce rate; the US has the largest foreign-born population; Japan publishes the most books per head,’ and more.