The rich act as their own cash-flow advocates

Money that is due to you, but outstanding, is as good as no money at all. Cash-flow problems kill more start-up businesses and bankrupt more entrepreneurs than an actual lack of earnings. Cash flow remains one of my biggest challenges, and it can be devastating.

Can you think of a store that would let you walk out with its goods on the premise that you’ll pay at some future point, when you feel like it? No? Then don’t operate that way yourself. Respect yourself. Be your own advocate. When you earn money, it’s your job to ensure that it gets into your account sooner rather than later. The people paying you are not your advocates. They have their interests, and the interests of their company, at heart. It is in their interests to pay you late, or not at all.

You must represent your interests. It’s your job to be your own advocate and fight for timely payment.

Beware of the client who rushes you into action, or pressures you into a sale, on the grounds that time is of the essence.

‘We have to have it today! If you can just give it to us, we’ll make the payment later!’

‘We need you to appear at our function this Friday! If you’ll just come, we’ll handle the payment later!’

The answer, if you are representing yourself as you should, is no.

High-pressure clients should make alarm bells ring in your head. At the very least, these are clients who plan very poorly, which does not bode well for your payment. In the worst-case scenario, they are conning you.

As a focused wealth-builder, represent your own interests first. Determine your side of the negotiation, and then stand your ground. If your stance is, ‘I don’t show up unless I have received proof of payment prior to the date,’ stand by that. Communicate it clearly to the client in advance: ‘If I haven’t received the payment by that date, you should not expect to see me.’ Be crystal clear and be firm. I speak from bitter experience when I say that most clients of this nature are unreliable, and that their business turns out not being worth the trouble.


Poverty mindset: I hope the money comes in soon.

Wealth mindset: I manage the income process.


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