As aspiring industry experts, our task is to continually raise the level of perception surrounding our personal brands. Challenge your enablers...

In some areas of life, we get used to a certain predictable standard. The formulaic approach becomes 'good enough.' Then along comes a maverick... Professional Speaker Douglas Kruger explores how experts lift the game to a new level.

A formula is a useful thing. Primarily, however, it is useful insofar as it shows us how to go further. If we can transcend the accepted formula, we are creating art. Professional speaker and author Douglas Kruger explores how.

Are you the 'kind of person' who changes everything to suit yourself? Here's why you should be...

The IDF is one of the most agile, and effective, military forces on earth. And its capacity to break its own rules is extraordinary.

Where nations ease the burden or rules, their industrious people become wealthier

As a professional speaker, do you serve management, or your audience? Lessons from a 15-year veteran.

On the surface, Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannopoulos look like two very similar thought-leaders...

There are fast and slow ways of doing the same thing. There are ways of achieving targets that require immense, sustained effort, and ways that are get the job done almost instantly.

Can you be safe AND agile? Can debate produce greater safety than rules?

This new breed of innovative organisations is finding strategic ways to break rules and bypass expected norms, and the results are often staggering. How could you emulate them?

Rules make everything easy to understand. For that reason, leaders love them. But a blind adherence to rules can create its own problems, stifling innovation.

What if, by measuring the wrong thing, managers miss innovation opportunities?

Sometimes, invention is the product of rule-breaking. Two tips for increasing your innovation culture, by business author and professional speaker Douglas Kruger.

Leaders know that analogies can be powerful. They instruct, inspire and provide guidance, using an easy-to-remember shorthand. But what if you tell the wrong story?

With a little empathy, you can out-innovate organisations that don't care. Business author and global speaker Douglas Kruger explores 'chunking' for agile culture.

3 Strategies for enhancing the culture of innovation in your organisation without blowing billions

Post digital revolution, we are no longer limited by time and place. Curiously, many organisations are not capitalising on this fact.

Should I give away my best ideas for free? Douglas Kruger, author of 'Own Your Industry - How to Position Yourself as an Expert,' weighs in with a surprising answer.

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