Goal Setting: What Aspiring Experts can Learn from Grave-Diggers

6 suggestions for increasing your value at year-end, while you have time to zoom back and think strategically.

In a world of innovation, there are still some levers to leave alone.

Why a global perspective matters.

Things you can learn from the mistreatment of an innocent bunny-chow

In positioning yourself as an industry expert, proper editing is crucial

Professional speaker and business author Douglas Kruger explores a technique for managing the messy side of innovation.

In the game of perceptions, the strongest transmission always becomes the legacy.

Imposing some limitations can result in richer thought offerings. Difficulty is the birthplace of innovation. How to use this dynamic in your team.

Asking a different question leads to different answers. Professional speaker Douglas Kruger explores an important innovation tip for your business.

Creative Replacements for Slides

10 Presentation structures that eliminate the need for slides

Professional Speaker Douglas Kruger looks at how you can engage and persuade audiences without subjecting them to 'Death by PowerPoint.' Part 1: 7 Reasons you can be better without slides.

To become a thought leader, use this one principle as your entire business model - by professional speaker Douglas Kruger

If you're serious about achieving your goals this year, try this time-tested approach. Simple but demanding, it gets things done!

Learn about the business-end of professional speaking, how to market yourself, what clients will pay for and more - by professional speaker Douglas Kruger

An overview of all '50 ways' to position yourself as an industry expert, from professional speaker Douglas Kruger's 2014 book, 'Own Your Industry'.

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